Colorful Elegance

Back Painted

Create vibrant, back-painted glass installations that add a pop of color and sophistication to any setting.

Back-painted glass brings a pop of color and sophistication to any space. It’s a versatile solution for adding elegance and style, perfect for feature walls, kitchen backsplashes, and more.


  • Adds vibrancy
  • Easy to clean
  • Versatile applications


  • Wide color palette
  • Durable finish
  • Customizable sizes


Key Features

Italian Paints and Lacquers

Utilizing high-quality paints and lacquers from ICA, Italy, ensuring superior finish and longevity.

German Gluing Process

Employing Bohle's German gluing process with UV light, providing strong, durable bonds for glass components.

Precision in Bevels

Capable of crafting exceptionally small bevels, as tiny as 1" x 1", for intricate and detailed designs.

Z Bavelloni Technology

Using advanced Z Bavelloni technology from Germany for precise cutting and shaping of glass, ensuring flawless edges and shapes.

Original Tiffany Stained Glass

As one of the few designers specializing in original Tiffany stained glass, we bring a unique artistic touch to every project.

Advanced Sandblasting Facility

Our in-house sandblasting facility can precisely sandblast silicate sand onto glass at 125 psi, enabling detailed and high-quality finishes.

Experienced Craftsmanship

Our team of skilled artisans, with 40 years of experience, excels in creating intricate bevel tukdi, showcasing exceptional craftsmanship.

Glass Size Versatility

We provide a wide range of glass sizes, from 6mm to 19mm, accommodating diverse design requirements.

Our Process

How We Work


Site Evaluation

A site supervisor visits the site to assess the area and specific needs for the decorative glass project.


Design Collaboration

Collaborative input from the Architect, Interior Designer, and Site Engineer on design and aesthetics is carefully noted.


Glass Solution Finalization

Decorative glass options are thoroughly discussed and agreed upon, ensuring alignment with the project's vision.


Visualization & Prototyping

AutoCAD-rendered drawings and full-scale design samples are provided for a precise preview of the final product.


Precision Installation

The decorative glass is supplied and installed under the vigilant supervision of a dedicated site supervisor, guaranteeing high-quality results.

Exquisite Portfolio

Where Art Meets Glass

Dive into our gallery of glass masterpieces, where innovation and precision come together to redefine space and aesthetics

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